Clarity Solutions Interviews Stellify Marketing

We spoke to Adele Cassidy of Stellify Marketing about her “Got Gravity” campaign to find out more and why she’s up on her soap box about it!

CS: We love the concept of Got Gravity, can you tell us a bit more about what it’s all about?

SM: Got Gravity is all about making sure that business owners and their employers have a bit of swagger when it comes to talking about their products or services. What I’ve noticed is that if people didn’t do the upfront work about really understanding and setting out their stall in terms of how they represent their business then whenever they come to promote it in any way it’s a trial. Every single time. Got Gravity is about bringing authenticity and confidence to your brand, giving it the necessary “gravitas” so that you always know how to market yourself.

CS: How does it work when it comes down to the nuts and bolts?

SM: I’ve worked with a lot of people and a lot of businesses. That’s put me in the unique position of being able to guide my clients through a series of exercises to extract and make manifest what they already know in reality. It’s really important that this comes from the business, I’m just there streamline the process and ask questions at certain points, everything comes from my clients.

Once you’ve gone through this programme, which takes about three months, you’ll end up with a few things:

  • A branding document: this sets out the key components of your brand. It may seem a small thing but having something written down is so powerful when it comes to both reminding yourself and explaining it to others. It’s probably not something you’ll ever share directly but it’s your reminder whenever you have tricky decisions about your business to make because it reminds you why you do what you do
  • Templates for third parties: most people I speak to are intimidated when they talk to third parties like graphics designers, web developers, photographers… we provide you with key points when you’re briefing these guides, not just in general but specifically what they need to know about your brand.
  • A business and marketing plan: these are much simpler and less scary than you might think to put together and we create them with you. Once you have this in place you’re good to go with your marketing and you’ll have a plan to help you every step of the way.
  • Tools to help you innovate: everyone will recognise that their brain is on the going all the time, thinking of new ideas and often entirely overwhelming us with the pace at which is churns away. We’ll give you a way to harness this and turn ideas into reality.

CS: Why is Got Gravity important?

SM: It’s important because this stuff permeates every part of your business: from the person who owns the business, to the new recruit, to the website to the promotional merchandise you decide to buy and anything else you can think of. If it’s not brought together with a common understanding which is easily communicated then you’ll have a problem when people are deciding whether to buy from you.

CS: How can people get involved?

SM: I want “Got Gravity” to be more than just a one off programme and becomes imbedded in the businesses I work.

To find out how you can be one of these business just contact me at ad***@st***************.com or 07841 657 867 and we’ll get the ball rolling. You can also find out lots of information on my website

CS: So what comes next?

SM: I really couldn’t say! But we’re not done yet :)