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B2B Data

When you wish to buy B2B data lists for your marketing campaign it’s important that you carry out all the research required. This is to ensure there are no nasty shocks when you have completed the purchase.

Any reputable data broker, like us here at Clarity Solutions will ensure that you fully understand all the legalities when purchasing B2B data, along with what you’re exactly buying.

From our experience we have found that a large proportion of our clients were not previously aware that the B2B data lists they obtain are sold on a license. This is true of all data, whether that’s business or consumer. There are typically three different data licenses available, which are as follows –

  • Single Use – One of the cheapest options when purchase B2B data. The single use license enables you to contact companies once via telephone and once via mail, or email.
  • 12 Months Multi-Use – The most popular data license. 12 months multi-use means that you own the B2B data from 12 months at the date of purchase. Within this time frame, you can contact the records provided as many times as you wish.
  • Eternal Use – The most expensive option. Eternal use means you own the data provided forever, from the date of purchase.

There are other variants available, such as campaign licenses, whereby, if you plan on conducting a marketing campaign for threes months, then you can purchase the data to use for the length of that campaign. However, the above are the most popular B2B data licenses available within the UK.

A question we get regularly asked is, what happens when the license expires, whether that’s the single use or multi-use? The answer is, any company, provided that you receive a positive response from (they request you to contact them in the future, whether that’s by opting into your mailing list, through to requesting you to call back at a later date over the phone), through to companies becoming clients, then they become your records to own for life. Any company you fail to receive a positive response from, you’re no longer allowed to contact after the license expires. However, the option to renew the data license will be presented to you when the time requires.

We hope you’ve found the above information helpful. Remember that Clarity Solutions are a leading provider of B2B data within the UK.

You can contact us by clicking here to discuss your data requirements with our team in further detail. We look forward to hearing from you.