B2B Data – Know Your Data License

If you purchased B2B Data last year, did you take a note of the data license it was issued on? If it was a 12 months multi-use license, then you’ll need to now ensure you don’t contact any of companies you have not had a positive response from (if the 12 months is up). Failure to do this could mean you face high penalties from the data providers who issued you the data. We have seen instances where 10x the original payment for the data has been charged for the over and misuse of the the B2B data originally supplied!

One way to ensure you keep yourself protected is to come to us for your B2B data. We personally take note when all of our clients data licenses have expired, we’ll then send out a helpful reminder to ensure you remain compliant.

Remember, any companies you have had a positive response from, e.g, they have asked you to remain in contact with them over a period of time, through to becoming actual clients, then of course, they’re your records for life and the 12 months license no longer applies in those instances.

For more help and advice, contact the team here at Clarity Solutions on 01603 340 086 to discuss your business to business data requirements and the range of licenses available to you in more detail.