What Is a Data Broker

Are you wondering what is a data broker? Are you looking at purchasing some business data, but unsure of whether it’s more beneficial going to a data owner, or data broker? If so, then we can help clarify the situation for you.

A data owner, is just that, an owner of their own database. When you go to them for data, they will source what you require from their own in-house business data without looking elsewhere.

A data broker owns no data at all. Their service is to find out what you require and then go to the relevant data owner to source exactly what you require. A good data broker can even source from a number of data owners if required to build you your own, bespoke database.

Although biased, we certainly feel that there is more benefit for businesses looking to purchase business data to come to a data broker instead of going direct to an data owner, why? Well, impartiality is the key to our service. Data owners employ teams of skilled sales people, trained to promote and sell their own product, even if what they have may not be the best match for your requirements. We don’t push any data products onto you, we simply inform you of what’s available, after we have found out what you require.

There are also a number of other perks of coming to a data broker, however, the main one to mention is price. From our pre-existing relationships with a number of quality data owners within the UK, we have some fantastic discounts in place with them. We will pass some of this onto you, so in the majority of instances, we are cheaper than going direct to source.

We hope from the information provided above, you now understand what a data broker is and why you should consider coming to one when you wish to purchase business data for your marketing campaigns.

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