It’s been a fantastic 2018 so far here at Clarity Solutions. Yes, it’s true to say it is has had its challenges with the new data protection legislation, however, the challenge hasn’t been with implementation, the challenge has been with misinformation. If you have a product or service which benefits IFAs, then you can still approach them from cold to talk to them about your product or service. The reason you can do is that you have a legitimate interest. You have a product or service which may benefit them, it may not but they can always opt out of hearing from you again.

If you would like to talk to IFAs about how you can help them, then we can help you by providing you with a UK IFAs marketing list. The list of IFAs we have available is your perfect starting point for launching your direct marketing campaigns. Whether you want to talk to IFAs over the phone, email them some information or you would like to send them some information in the post, we have it covered.

On our website, you can request some samples from us free of charge, you will able to view a snapshot of how our data is formatted and what types of IFAs will be included within your order.

For more information about the UK IFAs marketing list we have available, please call our team on 01603 673 380. We are here to help and we look forward to assisting you.