UK Database of Shopping Centres

Do you need a list of the top 100 shopping centres across the UK including contact numbers, email addresses, department managers and all those details that are just so tricky to get hold of? The good news is you can with the help of Clarity Solutions.

We save you hours of painful research with our UK database of shopping centres. Our team of experts have collated a list of accurate details that help to make your marketing campaigns successful. Yes, you can find some of the details you need yourself if you want to sit crawling the internet, but you’ll never have as much information as our unique database.

Clarity Solutions also save you money, as traditional forms of marketing soak up marketing budgets so much quicker than our cost effective solutions. Our database of shopping centres has helped hundreds or organisations and businesses carry out marketing campaigns they can usually only dream of. From direct mail to e-shots, we have all the information you’ll ever need to contact the right people with ease.

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