The Benefits of Choosing a Data Broker

Are you wondering what are the benefits of choosing a data broker, instead of going direct to a data owner for your business data requirements? Although you may think we’re a tad bias to write on this subject being a data broker ourselves, we genuinely believe there are many benefits of enlisting the services of a data broker instead of a sole data owner for your requirements.

Some of the key benefits of coming to a data broker like us here at Clarity Solutions include the following –

  • Impartial – With no databases of our own to sell, we can truly provide you with an impartial service. We will take the time to find out what type of business data  you require and then, from our experience, we’ll source the data for you.
  • Quality – As we don’t own any data ourselves, our unique selling point is our service and the quality of data we sell. We have taken the time to compare all major data owners ourselves so we know which ones provide only the highest quality business data for your direct marketing campaigns.
  • Price – Being a data broker carries certain ‘perks’ and one of those is that we have negotiated some excellent prices with the approved data owners we use. We in turn pass some of this discount onto you meaning that in the majority of instances you can purchase the data cheaper from us than you can from the same data owner!

We hope from the information provided above you can see the benefits of coming to data broker like us for your business data requirements. If you have any further questions, or to request a data count, please call us on 01603 340 086.