Market to the Heart



Normally we blog about business data and directly related information. However, we wanted to throw a bit of curve-ball out there with this post. We have been researching for a number of years what are the main deciding factors on someone buying your product, or buying into your idea. Whilst there are a number of factors, it seems that appealing to the heart is the biggest swaying factor on getting a positive result.

With the Christmas period fast approaching, we of course get excited this time of year. However, this isn’t just because of the festivities in front of us, but we also have a lot of love for the wonderful Christmas adverts John Lewis create time after time. Lets take a few moments and recap –







John Lewis Advert – 2011



John Lewis Advert – 2012


In our opinion, these videos work so well because Christmas is all about sharing, love and family which is what they encapsulate so well. Whilst not overly pushing any of their particular products, they sell the ideal of what we all want to feel. This in turn leads to their videos going viral very quickly which of course can only be great for them!

We have to say that John Lewis isn’t the only company that does this well. We are also suckers for a majority of TalkTalk adverts, the below one in particular


If you can capture the emotions that these two big names can do so well then you are on to a sure winner with your marketing campaign. Thanks to the advancements in technology it now also couldn’t be easier to embed your own company marketing video into an email for a targeted email campaign. Just remember where you heard of this idea and who can supply you with the business data (shameless plug).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please don’t blame us if your manager or boss catches you watching videos for the rest of the day!