Make Your Email Campaign Work For You

bigstock-E-mail-marketing-blue-puzzle-p-27133091-300x199What can we say about email marketing? Well quite simply – it works. Time and time again email marketing has proved to be a cost effective and central part of any effective marketing strategy and still has one of the lowest cost-per-leads than any other type of marketing methods.

Email marketing can work wonders when executed properly but it’s not a simple off-the-cuff thing you can bash out in a spare 15 minutes if you actually want it to work. But don’t worry it’s not rocket science either, there are just a few tips and tricks you should bear in mind when putting together your own email marketing campaigns.

One of the most important elements of an emailer is the subject line. This may sound like common sense as it’s the first insight potential customers will get into your email and ultimately brand, but you’d be surprised at just how many people underestimate the importance of the subject line. Too many people are quick to just bung one in at the last minute as they might have used up all of their creative juices in the body copy or they’re in a rush to meet a deadline. The subject line is what makes your email campaign sink or swim. It doesn’t matter how spectacular the content inside your email is if your subject line doesn’t entice people to open it in the first place.

Another key tip to consider is avoiding keywords that are considered spam triggers in your subject line. Spam words could trigger your email’s spam filter and cause your email to land in a recipient’s spam inbox rather than their main one and your chances of your email being noticed and opened plummet.

Unfortunately there isn’t a definitive list of trigger words that’s set in stone as its changing all the time but there are a few common and main ones that you can avoid, for example if you’re selling something avoid using words like ‘Clearance’ and ‘Buy direct’. Other keywords and phrases to avoid are ‘Increase sales’, ‘Month trial offer’, ‘Opt in’ and just because you use the phrase ‘this isn’t junk’ in the subject line doesn’t mean your email provider will believe it! In fact it’s on the list of no-no words.

Another tip would be to think of your subject line as if you’re tweeting as the 140 character limit makes you stop and think about what you’re saying and how you’re going to say it succinctly. Your subject line should really be no more than about 50 characters but the principal is the same.

Make sure you test your subject lines too. With a bit of A/B testing you can see, via your analytics, which subject lines worked best and what didn’t work as well.

Our biggest recommendation and tip would be to personalise your email as personalised emails are proven to generate over six times the transaction rates of impersonalised emails. Even with figures like this so many companies still fail to personalise their email marketing.

There is so much research out there proving that personalised emails get better transaction rates than generic Dear Customer or Dear Sir emails. Whether this is down to time, effort or simply because they don’t actually know their recipients names by using a leading data broker like us you can contact your target customers with accurate and up-to-date email data and be join the ‘6 times more effective’ email party. Plus our prices are some of the most competitive around and we’re so confident you’ll be impressed by our data that we offer free ‘try before you buy’ samples. Get in touch today for more information on how we can help you grow your business!