LinkedIn vs. Twitter vs. Google+ – Telemarketing Wins

In the digital age we live in you can be excused for thinking that the most effective ways to now market the products, or services of your business are through social media. When in fact the most useful tool at your disposal is sat unused and unloved on your desk – your telephone!

Now don’t worry this isn’t going to be a hate fueled article at social media, in fact we quite love it ourselves. You can often see us tweeting away from HERE, or promoting our wares on LinkedIn via our chief cook and bottle washer (shameless plugs the lot of them!) We’re also just finding our feet with Google+ but also enjoying it!

However, and here is our problem. Hour for hour spent on social media compared to on the phone promoting our business we receive more of a profitable return from the telephone, every time. It also seems that we’re not alone!

The Facts

To just clarify our situation from the outset, we specialise within the B2B sector not B2C. Therefore, everything we talk about relates to businesses marketing to other businesses.

From an article we read which you can access by clicking HERE, it was reported from a study conducted by that the least effective ways reported from the 1000 partaking businesses of gaining new B2B leads was via the use of LinkedIn first, then Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Whereas one of the most effective ways when looking at the sales figures has been and remains to be from telemarketing!

Why is telemarketing more effective than using social media?

Well there are a number of reasons why this would be the case. However, here are some of the reasons (in our opinion) –

  • Targeting – Through a little bit research and obtaining the correct database of contacts (slight shameless plug), you can have the names and telephone numbers of the key decision makers that your product or service is the most appropriate for. For example, say for arguments sake you sell accountancy software, it’s likely you will want to speak with accountants. By purchasing a list of accountants and calling them directly you have instantly got to your target audience and you’re giving them the chance to buy. You’re guaranteeing yourself you’ll get an answer, whether that’s a yes or no is an entirely different matter. But, at least you are giving yourself the opportunity to be heard and importantly, giving your customers a chance to know what you offer directly. By just allowing yourself to promote your company on social media sites, you’re leaving to chance whether or not your target audience will see you and hear your message.
  • Communication – Whilst social media allows forms of communication there surely is nothing better than being able to speak to your potential customers straight away. If they have any concerns, or questions they can be asked and answered immediately through the use of telemarketing. Whereas social media doesn’t always provide the ability so easily, or instantaneously.
  • Carving your own destiny – Through telemarketing you’re directly creating opportunities for new sales by speaking to new contacts on a regular basis. OK, so they may not buy from you right away but we bet they’ll remember you for when the time is right. With social media you’re kind of putting your business in the hands of the gods. You are relying on other businesses finding you and automatically thinking you’re the perfect company to help them without even speaking. Don’t get me wrong, this can and does happen, but through telemarketing you’re making it happen under your terms and control.

A compromise? 

As mentioned above, we don’t hate social media and we’re not saying that time invested doesn’t add value. However, we’re merely stating that the perception that telemarketing no longer works and you have to focus purely on online marketing strategies to build a successful business is wrong.

In an ideal world and for the perfect marketing cake, you need varying ingredients which include both telemarketing and social media.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Are you a telemarketing believer or do you have experience that goes against the above? Please leave us a comment.

Right, now we’re off to spread this article over LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ ;)