GDPR B2B Data Provider

Here at Clarity Solutions, we have been closely following the GDPR legislation since it was first announced in draft form back in 2012. We have certainly come a long way and we are now under 2 weeks away from its implementation. From our continual research and working closely with the ICO and our data owners, we are proud to state that we are a compliant GDPR B2B data provider.

The consent myth

From speaking with our clients and prospective clients, there is a great misunderstanding with the GDPR. It seems that the majority of people believe you need direct consent and a ‘double opt-in’ to continue to do B2B direct marketing. However, if you already had consent from the companies whose information you hold, then it is likely they would already be a client of yours and there would be no need for direct marketing. This is why there are 6 lawful grounds for processing and using data under the GDPR. The ground we will use for B2B marketing is ‘legitimate interest’. Legitimate interest is just as lawful a ground as consent. We can’t use consent as the people whose information we hold do not directly know us ‘Clarity Solutions’ or our clients, but we can still lawfully process their information.

We ensure we a compliant GDPR B2B data provider by working with only the best data owners in the UK who make sure the data we hold is gathered correctly and kept regularly up-to-date. So the great news is, marketing to businesses can and will continue post-May 2018!

If you would like more information about the GDPR or the data we supply, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01603 673 380. We will be more than happy to help.