Direct Marketing In 2014

We know it’s cliché to say it but we’re not quite sure where 2013 has gone. Time seems to of flown quicker than normal this year for us. However, one thing that has remained consistent is the number of clients we have had who come to us to purchase accurate business data after being bitten by purchasing poor quality data from another provider. We would love for you to make sure that your New Year’s resolution is to make sure that you only purchase business data from an accurate provider. If you are wondering how can you be sure you are obtaining quality data then read on…

1. Use a data broker

OK, so whilst this is a massive shameless plug, there is a genuine reason for going to a data broker for your business data requirements. By default a true data broker doesn’t own any data. Their job is to find out what B2B data you’re looking for, they’ll then find it for you from one of the several quality data owners available within the UK. A data broker will not be pushing their own products onto you which may not be the correct fit for what you require. Well, we don’t any way!

2. Reputation

Our ethos here at Clarity Solutions is to protect our clients from obtaining poor quality data. From our experience, we know where to purchase quality data. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that all brokers share the same ethos. Others appear to be in the data industry to make a quick buck regardless of the consequences. One way to protect yourself is to review the reputation of the data broker, or owner you are looking to use. Impartial testimonials. along with doing some research on the internet and be an extremely beneficial in ensuring you are using a quality data provider.

3. Free Samples

One way to help get an idea of the quality of data that’s on offer is to request some free data samples before you commit to purchasing. We have no qualms in providing free samples because we have complete confidence in the data owners we source our data from. Please remember though that it’s not be unheard of for certain data companies to do a cleanse on the samples they are sending before they send them to you, so although samples can help, don’t just rely on them solely when checking the quality of the provider you are looking to use.

4. Price

We all love a bargain and a haggle! As mentioned above, we aren’t the cheapest provider available but our prices are fair and we negotiate where we can. If you are tempted on going to a provider who is quoting prices that are too good to be true and a lot lower than other quotes you have received then alarm bells should be ringing.

We hope the above tips on purchasing business data in 2014 has helped. Make it your New Year’s resolution to ensure you buy only accurate business data lists, after all, the success of your marketing campaign depends upon it.