Database of Shopping Centres

Would you like to have access to a database of shopping centres that is accurate and up-to-date for your marketing efforts? If so, then we can most certainly help here at Clarity Solutions. We have a database of shopping centres available which covers the whole UK and with contacts ranging from the centre managers through to managing directors, you can rest assured that you can produce the targeted campaign you want with fantastic results being achieved.

When you have ordered your database of shopping centres from us you will be able to conduct  a range of direct marketing campaigns which include the following:

1) Telemarketing Campaigns

2) Email Marketing Campaigns

3) Postal Campaigns

We will make sure that you purchase the data on the correct license so you can use it as many times as you wish and we always ensure our prices are competitive. We are also one of the few data providers out there who have no minimum order requirements. You can order as few or as many data records as you wish that’s right for your budget and campaign.

If you would like some free samples from our database of shopping centres to try before you buy then please call us on 01603 673 380