Data Broker vs Data Owner

At Clarity Solutions, we’re extremely proud to be a data broker. When clients ask us, we’re open and honest with the fact that we own no data ourselves. What we do possess is years of experience within the data industry.

As a data broker, we know how to source the business data for your marketing requirements. However, we have, in the past experienced some potential clients who seem to be put off with using us when they realise that we’re a data broker, not a data owner. With this in mind, we’ve decided to come up with some reasons why you shouldn’t dismiss using a data broker, which are as follows –

  • Impartiality – Being a data broker means we don’t own any data. We’ve not had to outlay any expense on keeping a database up-to-date. This means we won’t be trying to push our own data onto you which may not be suitable for your marketing campaign. We take the time to find out about the type of marketing campaign you’re looking to conduct along with your target audience. We’ll then, from our years of experience find you the perfect business data for your campaign.
  • Quality – We carefully vet all of the data owners we source your business data from. As a data broker, we make sure you’re only receiving the highest quality with all of the appropriate guarantees in place.
  • Price – We don’t charge you any extra for our data broker service, all you have to pay for is the business data itself. As a broker, we get some fantastic discounts on the data which we can pass onto you. This means that the majority of times it will be cheaper coming to us than going direct to a data owner.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through the above and found the information useful. If you would like more information on our data broker service then please call us on 01603 340 086.