Compliant Property Developers Data

In this ever changing world we live in, where the direct marketing industry is under fierce scrutiny from both the UK Government and EU, its more imperative now than ever to ensure you are conducting your direct marketing activities in a lawful manner. We can help by supplying you with compliant property developer data records. If you want to approach property developers in the UK, then you can rest assured that the data lists we supply have the correct consents required.

Our data lists are gathered, cleansed and refreshed by telephone researchers in the UK. All calls to the property developers on the database are recorded for the proof of the 3rd party marketing opt in. The contacts are also routinely emailed, inviting them to update their own details or opt out if they wish. This means that you can use our compliant property developers data for email campaigns, telemarketing or direct mail send outs. The choice is yours!

Would you like more information about our compliant property developers data? If so, please call our team on 01603 673 380. We will be able to answer any questions you have about the accuracy and legitimacy of our data lists.