Compliant Accountants Database

When it comes to launching any type of direct marketing campaign, you need to be sure your activities are done so within the law such a the governing Data Protection Act 1998 (soon to be replaced with the GDPR). One critical component of this is the validity of the opt ins for the contact database you are using. If for example you are looking to target accountants, then you need to be sure you are using a compliant accountants database. We understand here at Clarity Solutions that it can feel a bit like a minefield knowing where to go to source an accurate database of accountants that has the required consents, however, worry no more as we can certainly help!

As a data broker, we have made it our job to ensure we are only working with reputable UK based data owners so when it comes to sourcing a compliant accountants database you are certainly in safe hands with us. The data owners we work with have their own in-house team of telephone researchers who keep the data up-to-date and all calls are recorded for the opt in. The companies are also regularly emailed so the contacts can update their own details or opt out.

Would you like a quote for a compliant accountants database? You can call our team on 01603 673 380 and we’ll be more than happy to help. We can also send you over some samples from our accountants file so you can check the quality before ordering.