List of Golf Clubs

Are you looking for a list of golf clubs for your direct marketing campaign? If you provide a product a product or service that will benefit golf clubs across the UK, then we can help you get in contact with them quickly.

We specialise in producing up-to-date and accurate data of businesses such as golf clubs across UK wide. You can choose by region, decision maker and lots of other useful criteria to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. We can provide you with details such as contact name and job title, from Chairman to Groundskeepers, up-to-date direct email addresses, mailing addresses and much more.

Make marketing to UK golf clubs easy and effective with our list of golf clubs from the country’s most widely known courses to lesser known 9 hole courses.

Mailing Address Telephone Number Email
England 1,749 1,749 1,046
Scotland 411 411 193
Wales 133 133 70
Northern Ireland 83 83 40
Total 2,376 2,376 1,349

More and more professionals are using social media, which you can use to try to contact them, but finding the right people from the right places can take hours on end. Plus, it’s far more effective to email a person directly than it is to rely on generic type emails finding their way to the right person. We’ve done the boring bit for you and made sure that we only use the correct data to give you the best chance of getting a return on your investment.

Helping you grow your business is our passion so get in touch for top quality data matched by our top quality level of customer service.

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