List of Businesses In East Midlands

No longer do you have to struggle to find an accurate list of businesses in East Midlands. We can help you here at Clarity Solutions!

We have a full and accurate database of businesses based in the East Midlands which you can purchase today to conduct a targeted marketing campaign to. Whether you want to send the businesses available a mailer in the post, or you would prefer to call them directly on the telephone, we have all the contacts details you will require.

Currently, within out list of businesses in East Midlands, we have the following available –

Mailing Address Telephone Number Email
Agriculture 3,456 3,456 873
Construction 7,734 7,734 3,097
Finance 2,596 2,596 1,404
Manufacturing 6,230 6,230 3,309
Mining 55 55 24
Retail 15,501 15,501 5,179
Services * 34,425 34,425 14,804
Transport & Communications 3,101 3,101 1,311
Wholesale 3,772 3,772 1,899
Total 76,870 76,870 31,900

*Please note that within ‘services’, industries such as accountants, solicitors and other professional organisations will be included. For a more in-depth breakdown, please get in touch.